About Us

Pinewood Chiropractic Clinic

Established as a stand alone Chiropractor practice in Glen Waverley for over 30 years, Pinewood Chiropractic Clinic has served the community with quality care. Now utilizing the tremendously successful Gonstead System, Chiropractic is delivered in a pure, hands on form, as it was originally intended. Our purpose is to serve as many members of the community as possible to better health through hands on quality Chiropractic. We take on patients of all ages and are often referred to as a last resort for many people suffering with extreme pain, disc herniation and a host of other ailments.

Our Team

Dr. Matthew Panetta

Gonstead Chiropractor

Dr. Matt commenced his Chiropractic journey after graduating from RMIT Myotherapy in 1997. Working in the field with several Chiropractors he was able to see firsthand how the Gonstead approach differed and consistently brought about lasting changes in a short period of time. Having suffered a neck injury from a trail bike accident some years before, Dr. Matt was able to experience these results for himself. Inspired by this, he commenced the five year Chiropractic program at RMIT in 2000, graduating in December 2004. After working in several practices, Dr. Matt took over Pinewood Chiropractic Clinic in 2008 as the Principal Chiropractor.

Dr. Matt became an Ambassador with the GCS (Gonstead Chiropractic Society) in 2011, and achieved the status of Diplomate in 2017. 

Dr. Matt’s purpose is to help as many people of all ages and walks of life, to better health through the delivery of optimal hands on quality Chiropractic care.

Dr. Jefferies Vecranges

Gonstead Chiropractor

Dr. Jeff grew up in the Glen Waverley region and graduated from RMIT Chiropractic with a double degree. He also obtained qualifications prior to Chiropractic, being a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Exercise Science) and an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy.

Dr Jeff is also an active volunteer in providing health services to the Victoria Police and the Emergency Service Staff. His interests are in exercise weight training, soccer and Judo. Dr Jeff is passionate about Chiropractic and feels optimal results are achieved when utilizing a precision technique such as the Gonstead system.